Retinoblastoma, also known as RB, is an intraocular (occurring in the eye) malignant tumor (cancer).

90% of RB patients are under 4 years of age and 30% of cases are bilateral (involving both eyes).

The unilateral cases (involving only one eye) are more severe tumors.

Retinoblastoma is a very serious condition that could lead to death, thus early detection and treatment intervention is of great importance in supporting the best clinical outcomes.

This course will provide the clinician with an understanding of the Clinical Manifestations of Retinoblastoma and discuss the benefits of Digital Eye imaging with this pathology.

Speaker: Dr. Molina
Ophthalmologist Specialized in Retina and Ophthalmopediatric

At the end of the presentation, the clinician will be able to:

• Describe the eitology of Retinoblastoma (RB)
• List the clinical manifestations of RB
• List the classifications of RB
• Discuss the differential diagnosis of RB
• List the various treatments for RB
• Discuss the importance of imaging in diagnosis and documentation of RB

Module 1 Retinoblastoma
Unit 1 Retinoblastoma - Video Lecture
Unit 2 Retinoblastoma - The Quiz


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