Neonatal Congenital Eye Infections Using Digital Imaging-Preview

Neonatal Congenital Eye Infections Using Digital Imaging

Congenital eye infections are a group of various conditions that are present from birth and can affect a child’s eyes or vision. Some congenital eye conditions are passed on through genes, while others can be a result of disease or deficiency during pregnancy.

An early eye exam is important in helping identify possible neonatal congenital eye disease.
Utilizing digital imaging creates an opportunity for early detection and thus intervention/treatment to help in supporting the best visual outcomes.

Speaker:Dr. Andrea Zin
Ophthalmologist Specialized in Retina and Ophthalmopediatric

At the end of the presentation, the clinician will be able to:

• Understand what is Toxoplasmosis along with other congenital and systemic ocular (eye) infections and their visual impact
• Understand treatment options for various congenital and systemic eye infections
• Understand the great importance and benefits of Wide-field Digital Imaging (WFDI)

Module 1 Neonatal Congenital Eye Infections Using Digital Imaging
Unit 1 Video Lecture
Unit 2 Certified Knowledge Quiz


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