When equipped with RCRS, RetCam3, RetCam Portable and RetCam Shuttle provide a streamlined and secure solution to share, synchronize, retrieve, store, backup, and manage patient images and data.

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    Innovative one-touch synchronization feature allows easy transfer

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    Control access and customize user privileges based on workflows

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    Multiple levels of data segregation, and broad customization

Adopted by major institutions worldwide
Stanford, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Tulane, many more

Putting RetCam Images Close At Hand

Enables remote consultations, second opinions, distance learning, and more

Can be more cost-effective than standard ophthalmoscopy1

Solution to shortage of well-trained ophthalmologists

Uses web browsers for viewing

Over 44% led to earlier diagnosis

Delivers solid, defensible medico-legal documentation

P/N: 031087A